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Save time scheduling with /meet

Empower your Discord community to schedule meetings with our Discord bot.

Install Meet with Wallet bot

Please make sure you have the rights to add bots in your Discord server

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install the Meet with Wallet bot to your community (you need admin rights on your Discord server to do it).
  2. Go to Discord settings and give the bot access to the channels you desire (in case some are restricted).
  3. Invite your community members to create an account in meetwithwallet.xyz and connect their Calendar and Discord.
  4. Now any member in the community can type /meet in a Discord channel, select participants, and our tool automatically finds the next available slot for all!

Discord bot example

Our tool encrypts members' data so their privacy is fully protected.

Save time. Empower your community members with lightning scheduling.

Install Meet with Wallet bot

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